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Why iLoansUSA


i Loans USA was established for individuals and business owners to obtain funding from the private market place to help there growth expansion.  When banks are giving a hard time to borrowers whom have credit scores of 650 or greater, these loans are ment for quick cash with prompt turn around time to help investors grow.  Many banks do not understand the small business or personal needs of borrowers and client nationwide.  So to help our clients we created a partnership with affiliates to help them move into the future with capital in which can be paid back early with rates and term in which have no prepayment penalty attached.. 


Many banks and lenders ask for so much documentation for there approval process, then at the last minute turn down the clients after sending the documents and pulling credit. While our partners have a simple application process to determine if the transaction request is suitable to have funds wired to the borrowers account or company account within 5 to 14 days. 


BASIC Documents needed for closing   

Personal Term Loans documents needed


Required documents

  • Require 4 step process application by web or officer of company.


Verification Documents

  • Verification of income and employer docs


5 to7 Days process & closing.

Business Term Loans documents needed


Required documents

  • 3 Years Business Tax returns

  • 1 Year Personal Tax returns

  • 6 Month bank sttements

  • Business Debt schedule


Verification Documents

  • Personal Bank statement ( most recent )

  • Driver License Copy

  • Complete Lenders Tranfer Form for funds





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